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A marital separation occurs when the couple decides to stop living together. This can occur as the first step in the divorce process or it can be a way for the couple to gain perspective on their marriage. A legal separation involves a separation agreement, which describes the rights, obligations and division of debts and assets during the separation.

We can help you draft a fair separation agreement that will help give you peace of mind during this time of emotional upheaval.


Divorce is an extremely difficult time for couples and their families. Whether it is filing for divorce, preparing forms, dividing assets, negotiating terms or attending case conferences, every step in the divorce process can be challenging both emotionally and mentally. We guide you through the entire divorce process, making sure that all your legal documents are filled strategically, that you are well informed of your choices, rights and obligations and that your goals are met with satisfaction at the end of your divorce.

Property Division

During a divorce, all your property is divided equally with your partner. To do so, all your assets, savings and investments must be declared. We can help you understand the big picture when it comes to your property, prioritize your needs and wants and negotiate on your behalf. We work hard to ensure that you retain the things that are important to you on an emotional and financial level.

Custody and Access

We firmly believe that children are the top priority in any divorce case. We work hard to ensure that the best interest of your children are represented in terms of who gets custody and who gets access. We also help create parenting plans and negotiate terms to minimize the negative effects of divorce on your children.

Child Support and Spousal Support

Child support is paid to cover the costs of taking care of a child, usually paid to the custodial parent, by the non-custodial parent. Even if your child spends equal time with both parents, the parent with the higher income may still have to pay child support. Child support is calculated based on annual income of the payor parent, the Ontario table and the extra expenses not covered in the table such as extra-curricular activities, private school, university, college etc. We can help you determine who owes child support, and how much is owed, and for how long. We can also negotiate these terms so that the best interests of your children are represented.


Spousal support applies to partners that are married and to those that are living in a common law relationship. Spousal support is paid by the partner who earns more, to the partner that earns less. We can help you understand the laws surrounding spousal support, look at your finances from a legal perspective and help you gather the forms and documents necessary to prove your contributions to the relationship. We can help you determine what you may or may not owe in terms of spousal support and negotiate with your spouse to settle on a reasonable solution.

Next Steps

Need legal advice concerning your family law case?

DV Law can guide you towards a successful resolution of your case.

Legal Aid Certificates

We believe in doing good in the world and helping those families who need it most. That is why we accept legal aid certificates. This means that we are able to represent low income clients, and provide them with a predetermined amount of hours of service to help resolve their family law cases.

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