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Diana Vasilescu

Diana is a compassionate family law lawyer who uses her legal expertise, rational thinking and emotional intelligence to provide reasonable solutions to complicated family law issues.

Diana graduated from McGill University Faculty of Law in 2012. She is a member of the Law Societies of Ontario and Alberta.

Diana is dedicated to assisting her clients by providing effective, reliable and affordable legal services. Her practice focuses on family law and she has experience in negotiating, mediating and litigating complex family law issues.

Diana believes that a lawyer-client relationship should be based on trust and respect. She focuses on ensuring that every client has the education necessary to make informed decisions and to fully participate in the legal process.

When she is not practicing law, Diana loves to stay fit, travel and spend time with her family and friends. She is also fluent in Spanish, French and Romanian.

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Esther Lee

Esther Lee

Esther Lee graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Law and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University.

Esther has always had particular interest in family law. During her time at the University of Toronto, Esther participated in Pro Bono Students Canada’s Family Court Litigant Project and Family Law Project. She also worked as a caseworker in the family law division of Downtown Legal Services.

Esther is a fitness fanatic and an ex-personal trainer. When Esther is not in the office, she can be found at the gym working on her Olympic weightlifting.

Esther is fluent in Korean and able to assist Korean-speaking clients.

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Eilish Van Caulart


Eilish Van Caulart joined the DV Law team in the summer of 2023 as our Legal Assistant. Eilish holds a Bachelor of Arts and Contemporary Studies from the Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University), as well as a Master of Philosophy in Humanities from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Formerly a Production Manager of children’s animation, Eilish has pivoted from a fifteen-year career in film and television to pursue her passion for law. When she is not working, Eilish is enjoying music, reading, or spending time with loved ones.

How we can help you

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Our dedicated firm is capable of exhibiting high standards of professionalism while ensuring our clients are well cared for and listened to every step of the way.

Our firm is well known for our insight, our dedication to care and your case. DV Law sets up your first consultation, detailing the course of action pertaining to your case. We work hard to ensure the correct methods to resolution while maintaining sensitivity towards all parties involved.

DV Law knows that with every case, there is an emotional element which must be dealt with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism. Diana and associates have industry leading knowledge in guiding clients through each case with dignity and empathy.

We seek to find peace between all parties involved. Don’t hesitate and find out how we can help you achieve resolution on your family matters today.

Our Values


We understand that considering separation or divorce can be challenging and emotional for our clients. We strive to reach reasonable solutions to complicated problems, while treating our clients’ personal situations with the utmost respect and professional discretion.


It is a fundamental value of DV Law to be trusted and accessible to our clients. We work hard to build trust within the relationship, and earn the confidence that we are capable of handling our clients’ cases. We want you to know that your lawyer is always going to make time to see you; that your representative will be skilled; that they will handle your situation with empathy; and that we are going to be honest speaking to you.


We strive to produce a safe place where clients can openly share and ask questions about their case. We hold the core belief that we, as lawyers, will take the time to ensure that our clients truly understand the legal processes involved with their case; the merits and challenges of their case; and the legal tests/current case law applicable to their case.

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